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Arsenal Back in Pack

Aftre three draws – or 6 lost opportunity points, Arsenal is back in the leader pack, thanks to Chelsea’s trip-up. Highlights show how a surprise 3-man defense unblanced the Bournemouth side at the start. The hosts were playing better, yet Arsenal struck first. Opportunities then sprung to double the lead, but the hosts nixed that and reversed the pressure, sending the teams to a tie at the half.

Arsenal just cannot seem to take a lead to the break, always ensuring tense matches.

Aubameyang signed the victory mid-way through the second half on a well-placed cross.

A road win, after a respite due to internationals is always good tonic.

Arsenal Has Cash, Roma Apparently Not

Injured defender Welbeck forces Arsenal to re-evaluate their roster. A loaner is a clear sign of hunger for cash.

Meanwhile, it is dawning on the odd situation the club’s performances present. 16 straight games undefeated. Yay! 3 straight winless games. Oops.

Draws are OK when there is a tournament after regular season. But not in a Championship.

Arsenal, Where Art Thou?

Undoubtedly timid Gunners in the first half, allowing the wolves to take the lead. Angst time… Half-time adjustments are the sign of really strong teams.

And that is what Aresenal is; certainly a better than average club, deserving of their top-5 spot in the tables. Disaster averted, some will say with a touch of good fortune. There is also history in play… But City is still pulling away, slowly but surely. The only chance now is if the major clubs defeat Ciy outright.