come down to London and be the king…

Day: November 24, 2018

Spurs Jiggle the Table

When you miss in one end what was supposed to get chalked up, it often comes right back to bite you in the rear end.

Tottenham took the lead, deservedly so, on this notable header.

Then a foul in the box on Hazard (video) gets overlooked by referee. And, alas, the inevitable pay-the-price goal, really slanted the table of play. This says something about Chelsea’s mental resilience. Instead of going into the half possibly at 1-1, the Blues had to come out down by 2, and their unbeaten streak hanging by a thread.

And the obvious happens. The Spurs bury the game 15 minutes into the second half. An 85th minute marker is barely balm on the sore. Sarri is going to work on the mental side now, while Tottenham will justifiably walk about with their head held up high.