come down to London and be the king…

Day: November 11, 2018

Arsenal, Where Art Thou?

Undoubtedly timid Gunners in the first half, allowing the wolves to take the lead. Angst time… Half-time adjustments are the sign of really strong teams.

And that is what Aresenal is; certainly a better than average club, deserving of their top-5 spot in the tables. Disaster averted, some will say with a touch of good fortune. There is also history in play… But City is still pulling away, slowly but surely. The only chance now is if the major clubs defeat Ciy outright.

A Tougher Test and a Tough Result

At Stamford Bridge, a first half that left fans displeased with the carding with Bernard headbutting (video) Rudiger, and thus keeping forces on the field even, the second half was weak, not the reaction Sarri certainly expected. Some drew positives, some not. The players are saying the right words; the next match will give weight to their sincerity.

Although Sarri remains undefeated after 12 games, a bit of spacing is occuring in the tables – unless ManU can bring City back down to earth in the derby later on…

New Spotlight Direction for Tottenham

Defender Foyth scored winner against Crystal Palace; Pochettino is all praises over him.

Four consecutive calendar wins. The Spurs are 3 points behind Liverpool, natuarlly awaiting the result of Manchester Derby.

More good news: White Hart Lane and its construction saga is now mitigated as the residency at Wembley has been extended for the club. Even for the whole season (which says a lot about the reality of the construction project)!